Thursday, May 05, 2011

Double Stranded Beaded Bracelets by Jonara Blu Maui!

I have a few in my shop right now..these double strand beaded bracelets are so much fun to wear..I really need to make more!

A whimsical mix of stabilized turquoise shapes, buri nut, tiger ebony wood, snowflake brown jasper, and coconut shell beads along with brown glass seed beads.
Double Strand Stabilized Turquoise and Wood Bracelet

An island mix of ocean themed beads including swirly squares of ground down white sea shell middles, mother of pearl, sea urchin, abalone shell, aquamarine and amazonite for some ocean blue accents along with sandy colored glass seed beads.
Sandy Beach Retreat Double Strand Bracelet

A brightly colored mix of dyed stabilized turquoise in different shades, lime chalk turquoise, lime dyed howlite, spring green dyed jade, dyed freshwater pearls, glass seed beads in bright turquoise and lime green, peridot and paua abalone shell with accents of sterling silver and cute a Hill Tribe silver turtle and the other a silverized pewter leaf.
Turtle Rainforest - Double Strand Asymmetrical Beaded Bracelet

Island Themed Beaded Jewelry Created on Maui, Hawaii


Marjorie said...

Yes, you must definitely make more of these! Very pretty and fun.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks Marjorie! I made some a couple of years ago with these blue dyed agate 4mm round beads I had..they were so pretty..I need to find more :)

Lyndsey said...

I agree these look so fun to wear! I like them all, but my favorite is the third one.

Thanks for stopping by today! I miss you. Oh and about the bird butt...I wasn't sitting directly under it, I had to lean back to take the picture! :D I couldn't resist!