Thursday, May 26, 2011 - new venue to list your online shop!

The other day I received and email from a nice gal named Heather asking about my wedding planning services and if I'd like to list them on their new website. I kindly let her know I was not a wedding planner..but that in looking at it looked like a really cool new place to list my jewelry website and would I still be able to. She said yes to go ahead and tell others. Here is my listing:

Beach Bride Jewelry made on Maui

The difference in this site is that it's made so you can find certain services in your own area. It's also got some far I see that I can add some pictures and it has a feature to help list your services on Craigslist. It all appears to be free as well. I have not delved far into it yet..but so far it's pretty simple and helpful as it even suggests you put the link to your listing on your website. It lets you know that to do this helps your ranking in Google. By completing different things you also get points..however I have not figured out what the points are for yet ;-)

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