Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring flowers for all you winter people out there

Christina from This Girl Beads suggested I post some pics of flowers blooming here on my sunny little island. We have had cold weather but not near enough to stop all the plants from blooming. My plumeria tree does go dormant every year though. And my gerber daisy's..I thought they died because of the drought..but with two weeks of rain one popped up and said "Hello!" Perhaps they go dormant too? A lot of plants bloom year 'round here.

More flowers from the yard:

Strange alien plant I have no idea what it is. Hubby brought home from a job one day a bulb that grows on top of the ground..we planted it and this is what grew. The bulb is huge a football size.

This rose was so the picture it looks like I photoshopped it onto the picture..I didn't!

Geraniums amongst some heleconia stalks

Now for some spring earrings:

I love the powdered almond color of the Swarovski crystal faux pearls. They match so nicely with the champagne colored plumeria shells I use in my jewelry. They are new in my shop, just in time for wedding season. these would be so perfect for an island bride getting married on the beach.Available here

Lime green and pink are the epitomy of spring colors. These plumerias are carved from the conch shell and have lime green dyed tuquoise accompanying them. Available here

White mother of pearl plumerias with spring green freshwater coin pearls. Available here


Christina said...

The flowers are so pretty. Sigh. I'm starting to feel like the snow here will never melt!

And your flower earrings are very pretty, too! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kimberly said...

pretty flowers...
we've been having clear skies here. yay. It's just a teaser though, I'm sure.

Kilynn planted a few daisy bulbs in a pot to bring home at Daisys today. and made a bird feeder...very spring like.