Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keshi Pearl Charm Bracelet Spotlight

This is one of my's hard to capture in a picture the amount of actual sparkle and the way the pink keshi pearls and aurora borealis play in the light. The Swarovski crystals are a color called 'light Colorado topaz ABx2' so they are a light topaz color with a double coating of the aurora borealis effect. It makes the crystals appear more pink then they do the light tannish color of topaz..yet the topaz base makes it a very natural looks great with warm tone of the 14k gold filled metals. If you are interested this piece is available here


Christina said...

That is beautiful. I made something similar once for my friend's wedding, only it was an anklet. I love the colors in your bracelet!

I meant to respond to you earlier...the bead project I'm working on is a flower brooch that I'll probably put in a shadow box because I'm not really big on brooches.

Mei said...

Jamee, your jewelry are all very lovely. I especially love your pearl jewelry as I am a fan of pearl. Will visit more often.


Aihara Visuals said...

Very Pretty :)