Friday, February 08, 2008

Cool Retro Chairs from Craigslist

I'm always reading Christina's blog This Girl Beads and am jealous of all her cool thrift store finds.(Not to mention I enjoy her taste in etsy finds and beautiful jewelry projects) We don't have a lot of places to find cool vintage stuff on Maui though so I was very excited when I found these really cool authentic retro chairs through craigslist for only $25 for the pair!

I didn't realize the chairs were so authentic until we got to the sellers house..they actually aunt has a card table and 4 wood folding chairs that she has had ever since I can remember..these seem to work the same..

I want to change my living room from all of it's deep purple and olive green and it's hodge-podge of bohemian beaded lamps and frames to a more clean retro look..although I don't wanna go too over board with the retro. And I want seems so dark in my living room. So about 6 months before I found the chairs..I got this pillow at Pier One Imports as an inspiration for my color palate. I'd like to have a base of dark brown so I can really toss in any color accents I want...change them up or whatever..kinda like I do with my jewelry.

Oh and I also love reading Frecklewonder's blog she is a vintage diva! Her pictures are so fun and colorful to look at and all her finds are so cool...for some reason it just makes me happy. Perhaps it's the childhood memories the images bring up. You catch glimpses of her own house and how it's decorated..even how their table is set for family meals with dishes and tablecloths my grandmother and mother really takes you back. I wonder what she would think of my chairs? ;)


Christina said...

Those chairs are great! It's so cool that they fold up!

Thanks for the nice compliment. I enjoy reading your blog, too. :)

Suzy said...

Very cool! I would've snagged up those chairs too!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Since you don't have your blog up anymore Suzy..I will just say 'thanks' here and hope that you see this. I am very happy with my purchase..even though they don't match the rest of my living room..I look at them and smile every time I see them ;)

Kimberly said...

The pillow went perfect..
or should I say the chairs went perfect with the pillow.

Aihara Visuals said...

nice find :)