Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wedding Season

It's that time of year again...time when all the wedding requests start coming in. My sister of Aihara Visuals Photography just got back from the huge wedding fair on Oahu at the Blaisdell Center..it was packed!

In anticipation of this season I had begun to make more wedding oriented pieces..however my wholesale account in England snagged up all I'd made so far for a bridal show they will be going to over there. And now I've been busy with getting my tax papers together and working on special orders so my bridal jewelry selection is begging for more attention. So yesterday I made these..and hopefully will have more soon:

Beach bride anklet available here

Heres an alternative if white is not for you..perhaps a little pink. This and the earrings below have not been listed on my site just yet..so you are getting a sneak preview.

'Pink Splash' earrings available here

This one is from last year and on sale for 50% off...it's perfect for that beach wedding you have been dreaming about. Available here

And here is my first custom wedding request for the year... The bride picked out earrings similar to these in my shop only she wanted the olivine Swarovski crystal replaced with a fuschia one to match her green and pink garden wedding. We made her 6 pairs of these :)

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