Saturday, March 29, 2008

A cute little visitor in my backyard

This little zebra finch decided to visit us the other day. He just hung out for a couple of hours while my husband was weeding. We thought maybe he was a baby, or he was sick. But you could just get out of reach to him and then he would fly up quickly and land not too far away. Then he would find his way back.

I think he liked our little garden and the seed that were growing on the grass weeds..he was eating and eating away.

He also liked the shade cuz he hung our here for a while..can you see him? He's playing hide-in-go-seek ;)

He was such a pretty little bird..walking around like he owned the place. He totally didn't mind my photo taking. It was cool to get to see him close up. Zebra finches are not native to the Hawaiian islands, the story is that a pet shop brought some over and they escaped. If thats the case..they did really well here because they are thriving...we see them everywhere. But then who wouldn't want to live on Maui?


Carey R. Piper said...

He is a cute little fella, Thanks for sharing! Found you on sk*rt

Christina said...

What a pretty little bird!