Friday, March 21, 2008

Wedding Waterfall and day at the beach....

I'm so excited...I finally found some really nice off-white/cream colored pearls. I guess you would call it a true antique ivory color. Not the whites that are called ivory or cream..but they still appear white. These are beautiful. The smaller ones are a slight bit darker then the bigger ones..but hardly..and they are the same tone so they match so it gives a little more interest in the necklace I created with them.

For more information on this necklace check it out here at Jonara Blu Maui

Yesterday my son and I played hookie from all of our responsibilities and took off to the beach. We went with my parents and my sister and nephews. The weather was too chilly for me to get in the water..but I'm a wimp and need it HOT to actually get in. The tourists were just fine as everyone was swimming and having a good time. I'm sure they have come from much colder climates so it was perfect for them. Our boys had a blast too..and it was good excersize for them. I really need to get to the beach more often.

At this particular beach..we call it Maui Prince Beach because that is the closest big hotel...there is not a lot of action for boogie it's great for snorkling. However on the left hand side you can catch some fun little waves. That is the side we always sit has a really big tree for shade too.

and this tree has on it a rope swing so it's double the fun for the kids when they are tired of the water.

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becky said...

You have some lovely jewelry. I'd like to write about it at Could I have permission to feature some of your pics? I will make sure I link to your store and blog.