Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Unconventional Bridal Necklace

I have wanted to make some bridal jewelry using more of an off white colored pearl for some time, however I have had a problem finding that color of pearl..esp in coin pearls. Any ivory color I get in other shapes is so similar to white and with how small they are it's hard to tell a difference. Ivory is hard to find to in the all the shapes and sizes I want to work with. It's nice to have different shapes and sizes to add texture and design to a pieces. So I decided to mix some white and ivory and to put them with some tan silk cord and some golden shadow colored Swarovski crystals. It may not be for the conventional bride..but then most of my bridal jewelry isn't.

Here is the result..the little bit of tan coloring mixed it helps to take away from that conventional 'all white' look...perfect for a beach wedding...

This necklace is available here

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