Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Time

Recently we've become addicted to jigsaw puzzles...it's an awesome way to spend family time and encourages the family to sit together and talk without the tv turning us all into zombies.

Here is one we finished a couple of weeks ago..we had done it years ago..it was a hand-me-down from my mom..so now it's missing a few pieces. It was still good fun..time to toss it though w/ those missing pieces.

We have been trying so hard to figure out ways to keep our son Cameron away from playing his computer game Freelancer so much. If it were up to him, he'd live in the corner of the living room where we have his computer table set up at and never leave.

Here's Cam in his favorite spot. Over the last few months of watching him go through the symptoms of gastroparesis and eosinophilic gastroenteritus, I'm just happy to see him not laying in misery on the couch.

It's really hard w/ his condition because it makes him feel nauseas 24/7. However, addictions to any one thing is not healthy either..esp w/ your face inches away from a screen all day every day. So we take easy walks around the neighborhood..one after each main meal...we often bring the rc cars w/ us..esp at night w/ flashlights attached to the top of them. At first he was not interested..but little by little his interest is growing...

peeling out in the dirt...

we watch our favorite shows together and try to make it a family event..love the DVR! We read together and sometimes I can coerce him into helping me bake whatever allergy safe goodie I'm trying out for him, but there really isn't a lot he likes to do right now. He used to love board games but as a teenager he's turning up his nose to that everytime we suggest..and scrabble too..that used to be a favorite of his (I suck at it)..he would play with his dad and they were so serious about it. But now he says it requires too much thinking and he can't handle it with the nausea.

A few weeks ago a lightbulb went off in my head as I layed down to sleep..."Hey a jigsaw puzzle!" that one has been a hit. Now we always have a puzzle at the table..we even start to panick when we are almost done...wondering when and where we are gonna get the next puzzle. Not many places to shop here for them. And you know.. to have fun w/ a puzzle it requires some forethought..it's got to have enough color and different things going on.

Here is the latest one we are working on..it's sooo pretty and so much fun! It's about everything that flies, from birds to leaves to flying fish...The colors are amazing. I"ll post a pic when we are done. I"m definitely saving this one and will bring it out again next year.

While we may not be able to have dinners around the table together because it's occupied w/ a puzzle...at least we are doing 'something' together at the dinner table! And really for our situation it works out better because family time at the dinner table isn't centered around food as food seems to be our sons enemy these days.

Now if we could only find more puzzles!


Christina said...

We like to do puzzles, too. Ours are not as advanced as yours. :) The one you are working on now is really pretty!

beth pulsipher said...

Hi Jamee -

I play a LOT of Scabble through Facebook. It's called WordScraper, and I'd be honored if Cam would challenge me to a game or two. It used to be called Scrabulous, but the originators were sued by the Scrabble people, so they slightly changed the game and made it even more fun.

Right now, I have 40 games going with about 8 people. Wordscraper gives me a mental break from the nastiness that's going on in our lives, and two friends - one in NYC and the other in Calif - are doing their best to keep me in games and mindlessness, which I very much appreciate.

Tell Cam I'm a serious player - I take no prisoners! - and would really enjoy playing Wordscraper with him!

:) b

Zen Ventures said...

I'm glad that Cam is willing to take the challenge of doing something else and actually getting out of the house. I love Jigsaw puzzle! wow I can lost myself doing one. I tried the 1000 pieces and oh my it was a blast! btw, thanks for your lovely comment where I was a featured blogger. I so appreciate it! mwah!

Sarah said...

It looks like you all are getting some very quality family time! Puzzles are awesome!!

Marjorie said...

Such beautiful puzzles! I love making zigsaw puzzles - they just pull you right in. I have a hard time stopping. Just another piece and I'm up half the night. Enjoy. :-)