Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tropical Garden Flowers

These are flowers I captured along my walk from our hotel room to the pool area.

Red Ginger I learned something new...I thought these were called Torch Ginger..to me it looks like a torch of fire..esp in this picture..the way the sun shines on the top of the flower lighting it up. However when I looked up Torch Ginger in Wiki...I found torch ginger looks like this


Bird of Paradise

This was a really cool bromeliad...it had growing in the middle what looked like soft grass with a couple of tiny little pink flowers on top.

I believe this is Shell Ginger

can you find the star fruit? on one of the walk ways fruit trees line the path. Different citrus fruits as well as star fruit, cherry guava and these little red tomato looking things (on a tree) that aren't very good. I forget what they are called.

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