Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Beautiful Maui Sunset

The sunset was so awesome a couple of nights's amazing how it gets brighter..

and brighter so quickly...

and then starts getting darker and darker..

Jonara Blu Maui
Jonara Blu Maui's Etsy Shop


Christina said...

So beautiful.

And, yes, I did make those small beaded baskets in my blog post! I posted about them at some point; I'll try to remember to look it up and send you the link(s). :)

Have a nice weekend!

Belle Adorn said...

That is beautiful. All that intense color, takes my breath away.

We are having a very muggy warm day here in Missouri. Kids are playing with the baby pool as we work in the yards and gardens this afternoon.

Could be in for some thunder storms tonight, so looks like the drive-in is called off. :(

Have a good Sunday! Tina