Friday, May 23, 2008

Cute Little Cicada on my Hydrangeas

I believe this is a cicada..I searched google images and saw mostly some really ugly looking bugs...but did find a couple that looked like my little backyard visitor. He's so pretty with his green leaf body on my purple hydrangeas

I also stumbled across this website for Cicada seems people eat them!!!! The really freaky looking ones!

I also found it quite funny that the first results in google for "leaf cicada" was a beaded bracelet Funny coincidence since I'm a jewelry maker lol!

That got me wondering what kind of cicada jewelry I could find out there so I took a look through Etsy and found these:

This beautiful set of butterfly and cicada brooches are from Tastes Like Vintage

If you REALLY like cicadas this one has a real one in a vial and is worn on a chain! You can find this one at Silentcheesecake Designs

This one too sports a real cicada as a pendant. Found at Honey Bee Handmade

What a trip! You learn something every day!

Jonara Blu Maui
Jonara Blu Maui's Etsy Shop


Kuanyin said...

Aloha---mahalo for introducing yourself through a comment on my blog. You've got a GRAT blog, and I love your jewelry. I'm adding you as a link on WDP. I also added you as a contact on MyBlogLog and Facebook! :-)Blessings!

Belle Adorn said...

Your hydrangea is gorgeous! and the little cicada is cute too. I like the brooches very much, not too sure about the one in the vile, lol.....but it is interesting to see. Thanks for sharing your research! Tina