Friday, May 30, 2008

Gift Idea for Teachers

Yesterday a friend came by to look at jewelry for teachers gifts and a graduation gift. She picked out some really pretty matching bracelet and earring sets as well as some earrings for herself and some supercool earrings for a graduation present.

Her order ready to be picked up. I gave her extra raffia so that she could tie it onto the boxes later. If I did it now..she wouldn't know who's is who's ;-)

As we end another school year many with children find it a good time to show appreciation to the hard working teachers in their lives. Would you like to show your child's teacher how much you appreciate her? Most teachers love arts and crafts hand crafted beaded jewelry being a favorite. Teachers are some of my best customers! And how much more awesome would it be to purchase handmade beaded jewelry from Maui :)

Fresh and Funky Beaded Jewelry with an Island Twist! Perfect Gift Idea!
Jonara Blu Maui
Jonara Blu Maui's Etsy Shop


Belle Adorn said...

What teacher wouldn't be thrilled with such a gift? These pieces of jewelry are beautiful, very memorable and so thoughtful.

sonia said...

love those bracelets! I'm just now starting to dabble in jewelry making. Your stuff is great!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks Tina and Sonia! Bracelets are really a good choice because often we aren't sure if someone has pierece ears for earrings..and then some people don't like necklaces esp if they have a young child who might grab it. Bracelets are so fun to look at while you are working too..the wearer can enjoy it more! lol!