Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Little Hike through Upcountry Maui Woods

After we took our picnic the other day the boys wanted to venture into the woods a bit. We only checked out a small section on the edge of it all as we saw no trails. If you go all the way up the windy road..I believe it's calle Poli Poli will get to a place to camp that has just one cabin and a flat area for tents. There you will find many hiking trails through a very dense and thick forest with moss growing and the sun peaking through the trees like beams of light. It's very magical looking up there..but also FREEZING so if you go take warm clothes. I've heard we have wild plumbs gowing up there..or at least on the way. I'll have to see if I can find my pics of our trip we took up there quite a few years ago. For now enjoy some from our little jaunt after our picnic. This was fun because it didn't take much effort to get to...nor did we have to go up the long windy road and get car sick.

We found a little bambi was so pretty in person..

Tommorrow I will try and get up some pics of the beautiful flowers we saw at the Lavender Farm.

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