Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New baby kitties in the family

My mom finally got herself some kitties..she loves kitties and always has at least a couple in her life. It's been very hard for her to not have's been well over a year as she and my father had to spend about a year in Oregon for my dads heart surgery. Now that they are back they had to get new jobs and a new place to live ...get settled. So finally last week she got two new babies.

here is my nephew Kana with them..they brought them over to my house for a visit.

I have always wanted to see how my cat Crash would react to a baby..he's not territorial at all. It was so cute..he just kept sniffing the kitten and the kitten was perfectly happy to lay there next to him.

My mom brought the two kittens over to my sisters house and she ended up wanting the white one. so mom gave him to her since she thought she had a boy and a girl but in fact had two boys. They are actually from different litters and she wants to have babies. She went back and got a long haired orange kitty...thinking it was a girl..but this too is a boy lol! They were naming them Maya and Inca..but now I'm not sure if they will keep those names since they are both boys. My son wanted her to name them Speed and Trixie from the new
Speed Racer movie..but now since it's two boys he thinks she should name them Speed and Rex.

my sis is a photographer so she's got super cute pics of the kitty she kept on her blog here. He is a little white puff ball with orange tips...they named him Q for "Q-tip" lol!

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Belle Adorn said...

They are both adorable. I love silver point siamese cats! Q is a hilarious name, very cute. Reminds me of startrek, lol...... Tina