Monday, May 05, 2008

Picnic Upcountry Maui

On Saturday my mom was watching my nephews while my sis at Aihara Visuals had a wedding we decided to take the boys up for a picnic near the Lavender Farm here in upcountry Maui.

We sat out in a huge feild of grass and wild flowers...bee's and yes dried cow patties lol! Not too just had to watch out. It was really an amazing place to enjoy lunch..

The view was something you sit up there you feel like you are on top of the world. It's still been hazy though from the volcanic action on the Big my pictures aren't that great...

cows...hence the cow patties..I do see a fence there though..maybe some are escape artists ;-)

The road through here up to Haleakala National Park is super windy..back and forth, back and you can see here onGoogle Maps The blue pinned spot is where the Lavender Farm is..we had our picnic in the middle of the second curvy spot up.

it woudl be so much fun on a motorcycle..we saw a few enjoying the ride

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Christina said...

Looks like a fun day!

Belle Adorn said...

Your close up picture of the lavender would be pretty here too :) Tina

Jonara Blu Maui said...

It really was a fun day..and thats not all we did..we took a litle walk through the woods and then visited the lavender farm. I have more pics that I will be posting..and yes Tina..I will be posting my flower pics :)