Thursday, April 17, 2008

100 feet of Race Car Road

Not much jewelry has been created this week...I've been working on the decorations for my friends baby shower. I usually make more of my own decorations..but this time there was just too many cool things available to buy to match the theme they wanted...'race cars' The dad is obsessed with they want to start their son out 'right' according to dads rule lol!

Here is what I have spent hours painting....these little roads that will go down the centers of the papered tables..I have 100 feet..I hope it's enough!

Everything was going smoothly..only now the most important part of the table little 3 1/2" pull back dragsters is not here yet and I'm freaking since the party is Saturday. Seems there is a misunderstand with the way Ebay makes their sellers choose what type of shipping they are going to use. One of the choices is Standard Flat Rate...which to me means..Flat Rate..which is always Priority..right? WRONG! While the post office did in fact say that Flat Rate is always priority..they told me there is no such thing as Standard Flat Rate ...and that the company should not use the terminology Flat Rate if it's not going out Priority mail. Well they did..and they sent it parcel post...or slow boat. It's gonna take 4 to 6 weeks to get here. I didn't realize there was a problem until late Thurs the 10th. I called early morning and told the company Noveltees the problem. The lady was nice but said it was Ebays fault as that was their only choice for that type of shipping..and then she suggested that I buy them again..have shipped priority...and refuse when the other package comes in. She promised it would get out that very day. The party is the 19th..that day was the 11th ...priority only takes 3 days. Should be fine. Wrong again! It's now the 17th and it did not come with the mail today.

So I'm trying not to get too upset over it. I've got a center piece for each table using an off road RC car tire and black read and white balloons with racing flags and little road well as some thankyou favors that a friend helped make to put on the tables. The little pull back dragsters would have just been the topping on the cake though.

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