Monday, April 07, 2008

Beach Wedding Ideas

I came across a blog post today by Nibs that had some amazing pictures taken from the current issue of British Wedding Magazine . The post focused on beach weddings...a favorite subject of mine. Here we have so many weddings of course with a tropical appeal, but I thought how cool it might be to rent a beach house on one of the islands and encorporate the feel from the photos in Nibs' post

Even if just for another nearby photography option. The ocean is always beautiful but to have a neat house right there to take some pictures with as well..esp like this one with the ocean in the background

These were very interesting pomanders they hung from a branch they found on the beach..I'm wondering if they could be done with tropical flowers as well..perhaps orchids.

Notice all the barefeet in the pictures here and on Nib's post. It's a must for a beach wedding in my oppinion ;-)

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