Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Proud Momma

my son Cameron when he was about 8 with his cousin Kana

Today my son and I went to the Hui Malama Learning Center for his assessment test. It's the cutest little dark green plantation house up behind our hospital. I wanted to take a picture but our weather is crazy much fog and vog ...the rain started coming down well before we reached our destination. On the way home it dumped and we started hearing thunder. I love thunder!

anyways..I've been homeschooling Cameron since kindergarden and he is now ready to study for his GED and get his 40 hours of adult school in so that he gets an actual diploma. Here in Hawaii if he puts in that 40 hours his GED test will provide him with a diploma rather then just the GED certificate.

We were pretty nervous..well probably just me lol! But he did so well! He was well advanced on his reading skills and just right on his math. I was a bit worried about the math since that has never been my forte. I got him the Saxon math books when he was in 6th grade and have used them ever since. I was told that with these he can teach himself. He's rarely needs my help and I can see how he is doing by the test booklet we bought that goes along with the book.

The teacher there said that it was a bummer he even has to put in the 40 hours because she knows he could pass easily..he doesnt' really need any more tutoring. But I am fine with it..I think it will be a good experience for him since he has been homeschooled his whole life.

I'm very proud of him..he's such a smart kid ;-)

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