Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guess where I spent my day?

At the Maui Memorial Medical Center waiting for my new little nephew to be born :o)

This picture of our hospital was taken from Wailea Daily Photo If you're interested in seeing some realy nice pictures of Maui you should check out Kuanyin's blog. Most recently she takes you for a walk with her on the south Maui beach walk with pictures all along the way. And then in February she has a post with a beautiful picture of a Hawaiian girl that is done in Theme Graffiti or Street Art. She describes it as 'hauntingly beautiful' and I totally agree. This painting is evidentally in my own little town tucked behind a restaraunt. I've never seen it! Now I"m excited to find out from her where it is..I have to see it in person. I'll be bookmarking her site myself and checking it regularly since I don't get off my side of the volcano often enough. Seeing her pictures makes me remember how beautiful it is where I live and that I need to get out more and enjoy it.

Anyways..back to my day! I got the call at about 8 in the morning that Kobryn Kaikoa Comstock was most likely on his way. His momma labored at home till she could'nt bare it anymore..about 12:00 p.m. we all headed down to the hospital. Kobryn was here about a quarter to six. All 9 lbs 12 oz of him! He's a big boy and it was neat to see because my own son was 9 lbs 11.5 oz but he's 16 now so I forget what that looks like. Very big is what it looks like! lol! Big and healthy :) He was crying quite he's got some healthy lungs. And as momma, grandma and auntie talked to him he kept trying to open those eyes to see us..but they would go way up into his head..poor thing it was so funny.

I will go and visit tomorrow and hopefully have some pictures of the baby to share :)

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Christina said...

Congratulations! Another boy! :)