Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting married at the beach?

Photograph by Aihara Visuals

Maui is the choice location for many couples with dreams of tying the knot in one of the most romantic settings possible. What better backdrop could you ask for than the beautiful ocean and its waves against a clear blue sky...majestic lava rock formations and soft warm sand at your feet?

Brides of many tastes come to get married on our island. Some wear nontraditional more 'island style' casual gowns while others prefer to dress to a "T"...risking it all for romance.

Photograph by Aihara Visuals

But what about jewelry?

Jonara Blu Maui offers an alternative idea in beach bridal jewelry perfect for every taste. Our island-themed jewelry is both beachy-natural and romantically-classic. It focuses on the organic appeal of freshwater pearls and shells often with hints of Swarovski crystals that sparkle amazingly in the sun. The resulting look goes perfectly with all styles of wedding gowns because it ties in with the natural serenity of the ocean as well as the beauty and romance of the occasion.

Anklets are the perfect choice for fancying up those bare wedding feet.

Our favorite style of beach wedding necklaces are those we create on silk. These are hand-knotted with a very small amount of space in between each set of beads. This creates an 'island look' that is more organic than the solid strung necklace...yet it is still very dressy and classy.

And let's not forget the beach bridesmaid...

Let us help complete your beach wedding experience with the perfect accessories. You'll walk away with something very special that can continue to be enjoyed for years to come...

Photograph by Aihara Visuals

Island Inspired Beach Bride Jewelry by Jonara Blu Maui


de Cor's said...

Great entry indeed! :D

Szarka said...

Very seductive post. Makes me almost want to get divorced so I can do it again the right way ..... not at the hitching post in Idaho.


Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks guys! Szarka..you crack me up..but I totally understand. I got married over the counter in the Vista (I think) courthouse. Everything went wrong that day which is why we ended up there. I think that is why I live vicariously through all me and my sisters beach bride customers lol!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Great post. I love the pictures you used too.

Belle Adorn said...

Beautifully written post. Gorgeous eye candy with all the pretty pearl and shell jewelry, happy couples and brides maids. Makes me want to get married again too.


Mei said...

Lovely and very romantic blog. Will visit from time to time.
Thank you for sharing. You must have put in lots of your precious time in creating this blog.

Muddy said...

Lovely blog... gorgeous jewelry! I love the idea of making the wedding special by making it very personal... I did, both times: first on the stage in the local community theatre (which was a former church, used as a courthouse during Sherman's March through SC, and where we met), and this time in a gazebo in a park on a rainy December day in 2000. (And the rain wasn't the only reason people's faces were wet!)

A Fly On The Wall said...

WOW - you transported me there...really well done post! The jewelry is lovely any Bridal Party would love it!

Heck I would love to just throw that chocolatey-mauve set on with my cargo pants!!!

Beautiful Jamee!

Christine Bean said...

What an artist you are!

Thanks for sharing,
Christine Bean

Marjorie said...

What a lovely blog entry, Jamee. Your talent and artistry not only show in your gorgeous jewelry but also in your presentations to your customers. Your photography with the rocks and flowers is fabulous. And your writing is so descriptive and enticing.

Great job!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thank you everyone for your posts and kind words! Wow! It's true..living here makes me want to get married again..and I've never been much of a 'frilly' girl lol! I guess thats the lure of getting married at the beach for me. I love it when we happen to see weddings while staying at the beach a little later in the day. It's so cool!

Muddy: thats awesome you have two very romantic experiences to hold dear to your heart. It really is a very special day :)