Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Walk Through our Neighborhood

Yesterday my son and I took a longer walk then usual. We've been really wimpy about our walks and only have been taking them up and down our short double cultesac street. But today we got an earlier start and headed down to my friends house to drop off something she needed.

I got a new point and shoot (Sony Cybershot DSC-S750)for my anniversary present so my son took it along and got some nice snapshots

This is one of our flowering trees that line some of the neighborhood streets..the flowers are awesome

This is a giant batch of bamboo growing by a neighbors house. It sounds so awesome in the wind..I can just imagine how calming it must be at night while going to sleep

and this is another one of those flowering trees with a palm tree behind it. The sky was so blue..the colors were amazing in person. I think my little camera captured things pretty good though yeah?


Christina said...

I think your camera did a great job. What a pretty neighborhood you must live in. The vegetation is so different from what I have by me! The flowering trees are beautiful.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

One thing that is really different are all the types of flowering trees..we have so many. It always seems that something is blooming!