Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pools at The Grand Wailea

These are just a few shots of the swimming pools at the Grand Wailea

This top picture is where the waterslides let out. There is another to the right..the smaller slide. A lot of hotels on the island have revamped thier pool areas and added waterslides, but still none are as fun as the one at The Grand Wailea. This one snakes back and fourth so many times you expect it to end around each turn but it keeps going! You pick up a lot of speed, so much that your body goes up the sides a little.

In between the two waterslide outlets is a water elevator. It takes people up to the small slide, or you can continue to go on to the other pools that all conect by mini slides and eventually take you to the rapids. When the water lets out for the water elevator the rock in the middle of this picture goes off like a volcano...a water volcano.

Here is the view from the rope bridge. You can take this into the caves for a shortcut through the pools rather then having to go all the way around. From here you can see part of the rapids and the beautiful torch ginger growing everywhere.

Here is another view above the rapids.

And this is in the caves...part of it opens up to a pool that you can get to from the other side by swimming through a waterfall. Across this pool is a jacuzzi. Around the other side of the cave accessible from another pool is the swim up bar

Here is the pool the rapids let out into. At the end of the pool is a wide rapids slide.

Here is a view from the other direction that I found online. It's a lot of fun!

Pictures of the beautiful tropical flowers from a walk through the garden grounds soon to come :)

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