Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hawaiian Preschool Graduation

Friday I attended my nephew Nakoa's preschool graduation ceremony. I've never been to one as my son was homeschooled. It was adorable! They all sang their little songs and did their hula hand motions. The boys in surf shorts and the girls in bathing suit tops and sarongs. I don't have any of the pictures since my sis asked if I would take some on her camera (super nice professional camera..she's a wedding/portrait photographer..I'm just glad I didn't break it!)since she had to do some video taping and run the slide show.

I have this one of my nephew mom took it

before the kids came out my sis in law Charme sang to the guitar playing of her brother in law Wayne while her mom Auntie Val danced a couple hulas. Charme is one of the preschool teachers there. She's gonna have another I'm gonna be an auntie again :) She knows what she is having...even her assistant knows but she won't tell any of the family yet..she's such a stinker messing with us like that.

Charme and Wayne

Auntie Val

Jonara Blu Maui


Belle Adorn said...

What a fun party. Koa is so pretty he could be a girl! Sorry Koa...just a momma comment, please ignore, lol...I'm guessing Charme has a girl...

Jonara Blu Maui said...

he is pretty...but he's all hyper and tough! I'm NOT gonna think it's a's a boy its a boy its a boy..thats all our family has. No getting hopes up for me..nope..not this time..

Kimberly said...

Ohhh, do you think it might be a girl? she's not telling until the babies born?