Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Closing up shop for a bit..

I will be putting both of my shops at RubyLane and Etsy on vacation until Saturday the 30th. It's possible I will open up on the 29th but I can't be sure just yet.

We will be heading over to Oahu so that my son can get some medical tests done that we can't get done soon enough here. The doc that performs them is on vacation. My son has been ill since April dealing with tummy problems. He's had tons of lab work done and nothing shows up. His tests (colonoscopy and endoscopy? the one down the throat) were scheduled for the 26th of September but he's getting sicker and now is not able to hold food down without the help of an anti-nausea drug. He's also lost 9pounds in the last two months. (he's 17)

So his doc got our Kaiser insurance to pay for him and one parent(me!) to go to Oahu for the tests. We used our miles and thankfully got my husband on the same flights because I am a huge baby and I don't think I could handle this all on my own. Honolulu is a big busy place..like L.A. I'm not used to it and the huge airport. Plus you could say I'm just a little bit stressed.

Thankfully they have a shuttle that will take us right to the hospital and back again. But they told us that they aren't positive they are gonna let him come home that night..depends what they find and all. I'm scared for him...and scared to find out bad news..but can't wait to be told that it's not any bad news like cancer or something.

Will post the results when we get them.


Stefani said...

I'm squeezin' hard for your son and your family, Jamee!

Marjorie said...

Dear Jamee,

I'll be thinking of you and your family every minute until you post again. I hope good news will be yours soon. Have a safe trip.

All the best to you all,


Christina said...

Hi Jamee,

I'm thinking of you and your family and hoping that they can find out what's wrong and that it's an easy fix. I'm glad your husband is able to go, too. Have a safe trip. I'll be watching for your next post.


Mama C said...

I know that seeing your child sick has got to be the hardest thing in the world.

You and your family are in our prayers. Will be thinking of you this week.


ChezChani said...

Have a safe trip, will be thinking good thoughts for all of you.

Zen Ventures said...

My prayers are with you. I hope everything goes well. Take care and be safe. I know it will be a trying time and also stressful but I know even if you are a baby, you are a tough mother inside. Your son needs to see that :) Keep me updated...

Sarah said...

You and your family will be in my thoughts. I hope that you all have a safe trip and that your son comes home well!