Monday, August 25, 2008

More Thoughtfulness..

Saturday my blog received two more awards from a very sweet and fun spirited colleague/friend. Her energy exudes through her writing and it's hard to not smile when you read her posts. Recently her family has been hit by hard times, her hubby, like has happened to so many in this economy, was layed off. Somehow thing always seem to work out, so I'm sure they will be taken care of.

Along with being a caring wife and mother and having a secular job, she is also a talented beader and carries her beautiful creations in her etsy shop Golden Flower Creations. I encourage you to take a look at her work..she has some beautiful pieces.

Thank you Maricris for my awards!

These awards are to be passed on and each has their own instructions. I will be doing this very soon. Right now real life is calling my name and my name is 'mommy' lol!


Christina said...

How nice. I'll have to take a look at her shop. The last line of this post cracked me up. :)

Lou's addictions said...

lol... i know that feeling, congrats on these awards, and you are right, her work is fab