Monday, August 18, 2008

The Quest for Yellow Pearls

My recent experience with a lovely beach bride customer reminded me of how I really need to grab unusual pearl colors when I see them available. Just get them because they are there, not because I neccesarily like them or need them..or even think I will ever need them..because you just never know what you will come across in this business.

Pearls are especially difficult at times to get in certain colors. The most common seems to be white and peacock. But once you get into other colors you never know whats available so it's best to stock up. Also it's basically a one time shot. Pearls are dyed in the next lot can turn out completely different. So get what you need and even more if you can when you find something available.

Now I never thought much about yellow pearls, I'm not a yellow in it looks really bad on me so I don't think of this sweet little color much. But I love yellow sunflowers, yellow chicks, yellow houses are yellow cars - not so much..but yellow pearls..I found out that they are beautiful!

Here is the dress I needed to find yellow pearls to match this dress from David's Bridal. This is stlye number F12899 incase you see this and are intersted. (Doesn't the model look like Jan, Michaels X on The Office?)

So in my search I could not find any yellow coin pearls which was the first choice because my customer wanted to copy some earrings that I carry in my shop only in her colors. We only had a couple of choices..but I purchased both just to have them in stock after I saw how it's a very rare color. Thankfully they were a yellow that blends well with the dress..which looks like it's a bit darker yellow.

Here are the earrings..I took pictures of them with different backgrounds to show the color changes of the Aurora Borialis Swarovski Crystals. They, while being a clear crystal color, actually pick up a lot of yellow color which is a bonus because the yellow pearls look very light on their own and around darker backgrouns. You can see though, how they really truly are a true yellow when they are on the white and next to a bunch of other of the same pearls.

And here are the 6 pairs she ordered ready to go. The quality and light of this photo isn't the best as I was packing it up at night and needed to get it out in a hurry. This bride was so calm and cool about it all and she had less then a month to get this all together. I prefer to have a month to work with at least when dealing with a special order where I have to order supplies..esp from different places. But we went for it and got them out to her ASAP on a Saturday when I don't usually ship/work.

My sweet little yellow pearls are so shimmery and happy and I can't wait to figure out what else to use them in ;)


Tina Taber said...

So glad you were able to find a nice yellow pearl Jamee. These are lovely and a good size and shape too, very organic and those starfish..I'm in love with!

Her bride's maids dresses are the prettiest I've seen. I'm sure it will be a gorgeous wedding.

I hope the bride sends you pictures of them all dressed up and in their earrings so you can share those as well.

Marjorie said...

How beautiful, Jamee! You did a wonderful job. This bride is going to be a very happy customer!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks guys..I hope to get picks. She said she would send some :)

ChezChani said...

Melora Hardin and yes it really does look like her. Very pretty dress and the pearls are wonderful. I love that Swarovski, what style is it?


Thanks for visiting my blog! Those earrings are beautiful, you are so talented.
I've always dreamed of visiting Hawaii.

Stefani said...

Beautiful! Love the crystal starfish especially.

klynch said...

very nice!I like the ones with the starfish!

Mama C said...

Those AB starfish are one of my favorite things. My beading partner Laura and I were obsessed with them for quite some time. But nothing we ever did with them comes close to those earrings-they are amazing.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks everyone! Can hardly take any credit here..just putting a couple of really beautiful things together and then WALA!

Mama C...sometimes we think too hard about designing..simple often works!

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful Jamee!! I hope you get some wedding pics to post for us! Those starfish are gorgeous!