Sunday, March 27, 2005

Artsy Discoveries..

One of my old stomping grounds is a place called
Deviant Art
. It's sort of like a personal virtual art gallery/blog. You can post your art, keep a journal and view and comment on other works of art while you're works are viewed and commented on as well. It's good fun and very inspiring.

I used to be really active there, but it started taking up too much of my time. While it was nice to be inspired again to do other types of art I did years ago, I just didn't have enough time with trying to run my jewelry business. Recently I've been visiting there again and was so happy to find that they started a jewlers club. When I originally joined I was like 1 out of 3 jewelry there are tons! There are so many talented artists there it's just amazing. So I plan on sharing now and then some of the awesome works of arts I find there (with the artist permission of course) and link to the artist's gallery. Here is the first that really caught my eye and actually gave me the idea to do this. I found it so beautiful and different that I just had to share:

"Meeting with a Skyfish" by rah-bop
Here is a link to the artists gallery Posted by Hello

Isn't it cool?!

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