Thursday, March 17, 2005

More wedding pictures and more wonderful people!

This is my freind Melissa and her new hubby Craig. I tell you I have been so blessed to have the privilege to work with so many awesome people! Melissa is yet another wonderful person who was a complete joy to make jewelry for. She's continued to keep in touch and I have fun as we share our 'work week' together...passing along short little emails here and there...with little funnies throughout the day and talking about how we need to get away from our desks and excersize!

Craig and Melissa Knight
August 14, 2004

Here is Melissa with her brides maids and her adorable little flower girl..her niece Jules..AKA 'Julie-bean' I have a have a little bean in my life as nephew Nakoa who for some reason became 'jelly-bean' and now just 'bean' We will definitely have to change that as he gets older lol! But Melissa and I have fun swapping pics of the little 'beans' in our lives :)

Now for the jewelry...

I did not make the brides jewelry this time...but I made the jewelry for her brides maids. Here is what Melissa picked out... deep purple amethysts in ovals and cubes hand-knotted on olive green silk cord and accented by green flourite roundels. As you can see this matches the deep purple of the brides maids dresses. Now..I didn't get to see it up close but evidently the corset part of Melissa's beautiful gown was beaded with purples and greens! Must have been stunning!

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