Thursday, March 24, 2005

Craft Fairs and Cooties's time again to prepare for another craft fair. The busy shopping season last year wiped me out good and I wasn't wanting to do another for a while..but I'm excited about May 1st's Ben Franklin Craft Fair. I've got a booth right next to my bud Pink Plumeria and I'm excited to see the crafty items she's been making in person! Plus it just makes it that much more fun to go to. My cousin Dinah and freind Lana will also be there..they make BEAUTIFUL painted glass items. They paint the most gorgeous tropical flowers on them..they are so colorful! I keep encouraging them to get a website so that the rest of the world can have access to their creations...but so far they are just doing the craft fairs..and are doing well I might add!

So my sister Kim and I will just do the Ben Franklin one and have decided not to try for the juried Seabury Hall one this year. Thats a big one..and probably would be an awesome one to get into...however we both have very sick kids and just can't get in there to drop off our items with the jury panel. It's past the deadline and they were going to make an allowance for us since they have a couple of booths left..but with the kids this sick..we just decided to wait until next year.

Here are some pics of us at a craft fair last year:

My sister Kim and I at the Upcountry Craft Fair June of 2004. We do look tired, but I promise we were having fun! Behind us in the white T and mini-skirt is Pink Plumeria

working away...

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Pink Plumeria said...

Where's the cooties?? Eeeek! I can't believe you have a picture of my "WIDE LOAD" on this post. HA HA HA HA!! But that's a pretty pic of you and Kim.