Thursday, March 10, 2005

Defeating the Paperwork Monster...

I'm definetly making progress...just finished my tax totals for my CPA yesterday...YAY! However I've got to get my butt in gear and be more organized this coming year so it doesn't all hit me so hard again next tax season. I do think I deserve a good break though and will start getting some jewelry up very soon :)

I had a slight set-back this week..emergency wisdom tooth pulled :\ The pain was actually getting it out was a relief! It gave me a pretty massive headache for two days though and those drugs they gave me made me quite loopy. I stayed home from ceramics class today cuz I'm just not feeling up to driving yet, especially in this major Kona storm we are having. On days like today, I feel very sorry for our tourists here :( I'm pretty sure the whole island must be socked in with this storm.

I received some lovely pictures from one of my brides recently...her wedding was on the beach and it was the largest wedding party I've done so far (though not the largest order). I did necklace and earring sets for 6 bride's maids plus I did the brides necklace as well. The earrings are impossible to see in the pictures so I will upload a picture I took of the whole set. I think her pictures turned out wonderful and the ones on the beach in black and white are just stunning. Her's will be the first I share with you, as I'm working on getting the okay to use others I've recieved.

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