Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wait a minute!?

It's raining... AGAIN! Do I live on Maui? I don't know..maybe the island floated off course. And I'm stuck doing paperwork..bookkeeping...bill paying (quick before the mail lady gets here!..*whew* made it!)...and I'm super slow at it all cuz inbetween Quickbook entries I keep looking at all these crafty sites like: the Craftster forum, Girl is Crafty, Love's Endless Possibilities,and Make Me

I'm feeling frustrated at the desire I have to try new crafts and the lack of time I have on my hands to do so. I just can't get past the part where I need to figure out all the supplies I need and how to track them down on this little island I live on. I'm embarrassed to say that I tried to comfort myself with the thought that I'll be able to spend more time doing these crafts when I'm done homeschooling my son. Thats when I wanted slap myself! Why the heck would I wait until I'm done homeschooling my son? He may not want to learn to knit or to make greeting cards or soaps...but I'm sure being able to experience all the above and more will make his life richer and definitley make school more fun. I KNOW what the heck is wrong with me? I realize I'm probably guilty of putting him in this box because he's a young teenage boy I assume he only likes sports and video games and sketching his video game characters. Shame on me :( I did way better with the craft thing when he was younger...but now that he's older we mostly draw and write fan stories together. I'm really going to work on trying out other things with him. I've seen craft kits at Ben Franklin's and entertain buying it for he and I and then talk myself out of it, saying he will think it's lame. But I'm gonna try to not do that anymore. He thinks math is lame and I still make him do it! I'm sure he'd have a much better time if I insisted on him trying out a new craft. (he still has to do math of course ;-))

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Howard said...

My Daughter and he husband leave Sunday after an 11 day visit to your beautiful islands..They will have plenty to tell..I'll be hearing aloha for days to come>>