Saturday, March 12, 2005

Washington weather on Maui

This is the type of weather we have seen a lot this winter. I'm loving it :) It's so nice to be able to wear socks to bed and sweats all day. I so totally miss this cozy weather. But I have to say that I am greatful for the breaks in between storms when the sun pops out with a vengance and warms everything up. I can't imagine going through 2 months solid of this and worse.

my backyard

So this is the view from my backyard. I live down in a gulch so no great ocean views from my house. I used to have an awesome ocean view of both sides of the island from my old house. We would get the greatest sunsets. I'll have to see if I saved any pics of that because about a year ago my hard drive crashed and ate all my family pics :(

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